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Mr. Sun Bowen, President of the group to guide the work of Feixian County silver magnesium
Time:2015-12-28    Source:    Views:12859
The afternoon of May 6, 2014, President Sun Bowen of Shandong Yinguang chemical industry group to guide the work of Feixian County silver magnesium. At the meeting, Sun Zong put forward the idea of the future, to tap the knowledge of the ability of people, the overall development of the various talents. With full enthusiasm into the work. Our future is bright, the future is waiting for us. To have a greater technological transformation, improve the quality of the product, so that the product knowledge, young. From the train of thought, there is a certain improvement in technology. Free time to organize employees to visit each other, excellent enterprise, innovation. For our new situation, unity, create a beautiful silver magnesium. Thank you Sun Zong in his busy schedule to guide our work, we will do better!
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Addr:Shandong province Feixian County fee Zhu Lu Ge Yu Duan  Tel:0539-5066110 5066303    
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